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what is harpoon

What is harpoon?

Hi, we're harpoon. Nice to meet you!

We are excited to announce that harpoon – the first ever No Code Kubernetes solution that enables users to deploy their software and infrastructure to the cloud or on-prem in just a few minutes – has launched.

Roughly four years ago, we were tired of seeing companies big and small spending millions of dollars (or more) struggling to find the talent, time, and resources to build production software environments that were expensive and hard to maintain. We also wanted to level the playing field for small to mid-size companies competing with corporate giants. We thought companies of all sizes should be able to reap the benefits of a large DevOps team: speed to market, platform independence, and maintaining secure environments without the cost, time, or training required to hire and deploy an actual team.

So, we set out to solve the problem. And in April of this year, we have officially launched harpoon to cut the time, cost, and risk associated with software deployment. Our platform offers companies big and small a launchpad for accelerating their journey on the road to digital transformation.

harpoon simplifies the deployment process by implementing a signature visual layer overlaying Kubernetes that enables developers to drag and drop to deploy their software dynamically without writing a single script or line of code. And what’s more, harpoon has critical security processes and compliance standards baked into the environment. It allows any software in the world to be deployed safely and securely.

Benefits of Harpoon:

  • No Code interface – deploy and maintain software without writing any code or configuration scripts
  • Visual drag and drop - find any software and deploy in one click
  • Secure by default - harpoon will run automated scripts that will secure your cloud provider account
  • Health monitoring – harpoon will notify you if there’s any problems with your cluster

Now, deploying software is as easy as drag and drop – users can instantly search for and find any piece of software and deploy it to the cloud with one click. There’s no need to worry about writing code or configuration scripts - harpoon takes care of all that for you.

A lot of love and care went into building out our platform, and we are excited to be able to share our solution with you.

Yours Truly,
The team at harpoon